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Tan – Indian Pale Ale

印度淡色艾尔 - 滩 IPA

IPA is an iconic style among the new world beer styles.
Shanghai brewed fresh India Pale Ale,
amber body, supple and delicate head,
full aroma of rich American hops,
mellow and enjoyable bitterness,
reserved and long lasting great after taste.

The wonderful aroma and the elegant hoppiness of this brew makes you work up an appetite.
No matter if it’s pizza or hamburger, or even bao or nan.
A pint of this exceptioanl IPA will turn any meal into a feast.

装瓶规格 l Available In

420ml / 20L

酒精含量 l ABV%


原麦汁浓度 l Plato


国际苦度值 l IBU


成分 l Ingredients

Hops: Amarillo, Cascade, Citra, Simcoe. Malt.

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