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China’s first food pairing beer, REBERG BREWING’s Xi, Fu, Fa!!

China’s first food pairing beer, REBERG BREWING’s Xi, Fu, Fa!!

It’s really common that you pair your meal with some booze,

but when you’re eating different cuisines, you want something that suites your meal, not something that takes away from it.

We have just brewed our first batch of food pairing beer

Fortune(禧Xi), Blessed(福Fu), Wealth(發Fa)

These three beer will give you a reason to get your drink on!





We will release the beer on 11th of April







Maybe you don’t quite know our new beer「禧Xi, 福Fu, 發Fa

But you’ve definitely heard of 「Heey 2 黑色兔子initpintu_副本

Sooo…. Are you curious about our new beer


We’ve also designed many accessories..

411314010008390325_副本Bar Blade

397881039165014883_副本_副本Micro Fiber Towel(30*100cm )


This amazing tshirt

Call Tony for distribution inquires-

Tony Tong +86- 139-0160-8135


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    • November 29, 2016

    Whoever wrote this, you know how to make a good artelci.

      • admin
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      • March 13, 2017

      thank you thank you

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    • Hwang Jae Woong(黃載雄)
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    • February 23, 2017

    Hello. I am Hwang Jae Woong, who runs a company that imports alcohol at South Korea. First I apologize that I could not write Chinese. so I write it in English. I became aware of your beer(pilsner, milk stout) and became interested in it. Do you have any planning to export to another country? If possible I would like to import to Korea. And, I would like to receive the price list and sample if it possble. If make our relationship, I will go to Shanghai. thank you I will wait your answer.

      • admin
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      • March 13, 2017

      sure, please write to rebergjack@163.com for more information. thank you

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